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Now people are more and more concerned about the living environment, from simply meeting the needs of life before to paying attention to every detail of the indoor environment now. However, it is not difficult to see the trend of people's overall living concept. Whether they like romance or simplicity, their ultimate direction is to pay attention to a healthy and environmentally friendly living environment

diatom mud wall material has a strong adsorption effect, which can effectively purify the air, improve the indoor air environment, prevent skin allergy, so that you don't need to worry about decoration. When people live indoors, they may have pets, or smoke, or poor ventilation, or because of dense population and many other reasons, resulting in poor air quality. Diatom mud wall material has the function of absorbing synthetic odor and purifying the air. The following editor will introduce the characteristics and functions of diatom mud wall materials

diatom mud wall material characteristics

1. Dust free

diatom mud wall material wall surface is uneven, but because it has been breathing moisture, there is no static electricity and will not absorb dust. For example, some cities have haze. Even if the glass is dirty, the diatom mud wall will not be dirty, so there is no need to clean it at all

2. Adsorption of formaldehyde

diatom mud wall material can be said to be zero formaldehyde. There is no need to worry about space pollution. I dare not say that all decorative materials can do it, but I know that some diatom mud can do it

3. Distinctive art

diatom mud wall materials are distinctive in art and can make different effects. Unlike other decorative materials, they are monotonous and several times higher than wall stickers, so there are not a few people who choose diatom mud

diatom mud wall material function

1. Diatom mud wall material can purify the air and remove peculiar smell. It has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, and can remove harmful substances and odors in the air, playing the role of purifying the air

2. This product can absorb or release moisture, automatically adjust the humidity of the air, achieve a certain balance, have a significant effect on adjusting the indoor air humidity, increase the humidity of the air, and reduce your troubles

3. Diatom mud wall material is composed of inorganic materials, which is not easy to burn. Even in case of fire, it will not produce harmful smoke to human body, and has a good fire prevention effect

4. This product has a strong noise reduction function, absorbs audio harmful to human body, greatly reduces the harm to human body, and creates a quiet sleeping environment for you

5. Its main component is low thermal conductivity, with good thermal insulation performance and excellent thermal insulation effect. It is a very ideal thermal insulation material

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the characteristics and functions of diatom mud wall materials. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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