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Integrated ceiling expertise

fubaide ceiling

functional zoning is more obvious

integrated ceiling solves the decoration problem that the lighting, heating, ventilation and other functions of the bathroom are not easy to combine, realizes the integration of functions, reasonably plans the space, and unifies the overall style. Now let's know the components and functions of the integrated ceiling:

lighting: the main light source, which meets the lighting needs of the whole bathroom

OPP Yuba

lamp warm (Yuba): it heats up quickly to make bathing warm and comfortable. It can be installed directly above the bathing area

wind heating: to ensure the rapid temperature rise of the whole bathroom, it is generally installed above the bathing (shower) area, and can also be used for local heating

ventilation: it can quickly eliminate odor and moisture and ensure indoor freshness. It is generally installed above the toilet or its adjacent area

see clearly the four advantages

1 Electrical appliance life is durable

it adopts open installation, unlike the independent Yuba's heating, lighting and ventilation components, which are bound to each other, so it can dissipate heat more freely and prolong its service life

2. The installation position is reasonable and applicable

the location of electrical appliances can choose the appropriate matching scheme according to the room type and convenience, which reflects the humanized design of the integrated ceiling

3. Economical, practical and visually beautiful

it avoids the waste of materials. It is economical and practical, which saves you a lot of money while saving your mind and effort. The choice of multiple materials and colors makes the bathroom more beautiful

4. There are various ways of free combination

you can freely choose modules such as ventilation, lighting, heating, etc., which can be matched independently, and the effect is clear at a glance





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