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Before installation:

1. Turn on the geothermal system more than 3 days in advance, and the water in the cement leveling plane will be completely dry without moisture by heating. At the same time, check the floor heating pipe for leakage

2. 24-48 hours in advance, the geothermal floor enters the installation site, and the whole piece is unpacked and stored, so that the floor is relatively consistent with the indoor temperature and humidity

3. Check the flatness of the construction ground with a 2m guiding rule, and the maximum chord height is ≤ 3 mm/2m. If the ground is slightly uneven, the bulge can be leveled with a flat chisel, and the potholes can be filled with quick drying putty. If it is seriously different (the height of guiding rule chord ≥ 5 mm/2m), it must be leveled with cement mortar

4. Measure the ground moisture content with a hygrometer, and the ground moisture content should be ≤ 20%. Plastic film (30) is also available × 30 cm) it is paved on the ground, sealed around, and tested after 12 hours. If there is no water vapor and mist on the inner surface, it is considered that the ground is dry and qualified. It is strictly forbidden to install geothermal floor on wet ground

during installation: (turn off the geothermal system)

1. Thoroughly clean the ground to ensure that the ground is free of floating soil, particles and obvious bulges

2. Lay 0.06mm thick plastic film on the whole paved ground. The film must be overlapped by 20cm (if there are holes in the film, it must be sealed with sealing glue), and the film must be paved more than 5cm along the corner

3. Lay the special floor mats for moisture-proof of Sanshan floor. Each floor mats must be connected seamlessly and pasted with sealing glue. Pay attention to that the floor mats do not overlap. If there are holes and seams in the floor mat, it must be sealed with sealing glue, and a small piece of 0.06 mm plastic film must be placed above it. The floor mat must be paved more than 5cm along the wall corner

4. If there is a pipe extending out of the floor in the pavement, holes should be made on the floor and the pipe should be tight. An expansion joint of about 2mm shall be maintained between the floor and the pipe. The sawing surface of floor holes shall be flat, smooth and beautiful

5. Carefully check each floor at any time during the paving process. If there are defective floors and curved plates, they should be replaced immediately. If there is a height difference, measures should be taken to adjust it in time

6. The single pieces of the floor must be connected with glue (special glue for 3D floor)

a: the tenon around the floor is required to be fully saturated with glue. After the floor is tightened, the glue is extruded from the floor gap to form a uniform glue line without interruption. If the glue is not applied in some places, it must be reapplied

b: the glue extruded from the floor joint must be removed with a special plastic shovel after 10 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the glue extruded from the board surface with a rag immediately after installation and sizing

7. After all floors are paved, buckle strips and skirting lines cannot be installed immediately. First, clean the construction site and comprehensively check the paving quality of the floor

8, (after 24 hours) 3D glue safely solidifies, turn on the heating system, and set the temperature ≤ 18 ℃. Raise the temperature by 1 ℃ every 2 hours, and stop raising the temperature when the temperature reaches 25 ℃. Heating up too fast may cause cracking and distortion of the floor

9. 24 hours after the geothermal system is turned on, comprehensively check the floor for abnormalities, and check the humidity under the corner mat and film. If the moisture is too heavy, postpone the installation time of skirting line. After checking that there is no abnormality, start to install the skirting line and buckle strip. The push back installation of the skirting line is conducive to the release and occurrence of moisture and moisture in the geothermal cement floor from around the wall without damaging the skirting line

10. If the installation of skirting line and buckle needs to be perforated and fixed, the construction can be carried out only when there is no pipeline on the wall and ground. Otherwise, use the sizing method to paste and fix, the skirting glue adopts foam glue, and the buckle glue adopts glass glue. In the construction of geothermal floor, we should make great efforts in moisture-proof treatment, and pave the floor, install the skirting line and buckle the strip twice




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