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You have to spend money to buy things everywhere in decoration. Some things cannot be saved, and some things can be saved. It is very necessary to understand some consumption knowledge points before decoration. 1、 The least worthy place to spend money 1. Hard decoration part

wall tiles: wall tiles are only used as decoration, and are not easy to be knocked and worn. It is appropriate to use good brand special prices

paint: the most important thing of paint is environmental protection and formaldehyde free. Just use the cheap money of a good brand, and there is no difference in the paint

marble windowsill: natural marble is almost the same, so there is no need to import stone. The price is much more expensive than domestic products, but the quality is the same. 2. Soft part

sliding door: the door body is not good. It mainly depends on the guide rail, which determines the service life of the sliding door

sink: just look for a medium-range rough surface. No matter how good the smooth surface is, it is easy to scratch. 3. Accessories

crystal lamp: flashy, easy to break, easy to dust and dirty, difficult to clean

ceiling: the ceiling with exquisite patterns is flashy and cumbersome, so it's better to choose the cheapest aluminum gusset plate. 2、 The most cost-effective place 1. Water and electricity

water circuit: the concealed works of water circuit should be done well. Once the water leaks and power is cut off, the maintenance work will be large and cost more

cassette: the circuit cassette should be used well to avoid being bitten by insects and rats and protect the circuit from moisture. 2. Furniture part

furniture: we must buy mahogany furniture with a sense of design. Although it is a little expensive in the early stage, it will not be out of date after a long time of use. Disguised cost savings

mattress: working hard every day, it is too important to have a good mattress. It can improve sleep quality, release pressure, and reduce illness

wall wardrobe: save space and increase the capacity of the wardrobe. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of accessories. 3. Kitchen part

smoking machine: after the poor brand starts, the sound is so noisy that you are tired of cooking. Moreover, the effect of oil smoke prevention is poor, and the kitchen is extremely easy to accumulate oil stains

cabinets: the longer you live, the more groceries in the kitchen. Cabinets are not expensive, but they must be more. 4. Bathroom part

shower shower: the water speed of poor shower is sometimes large and sometimes small. You'd better choose a better one, which is good for your health

water heater: water heater is a high-temperature dangerous electrical appliance, and its internal safety function and temperature effect function must be better. At this time, it is necessary to choose a better brand

toilet: a more expensive toilet can be much better than a cheap one in terms of water consumption, noise, water sealing function and other performance, but it can make you don't have to worry about toilet blockage in the future. Is it worth it? 5. Accessories Part

Faucet: frequent use, poor once broken immediately affect life, but also easy to cause water leakage, the gain is not worth the loss

sockets: sockets affect the life and safety of all electrical appliances, so we must choose them carefully. Tip: when decorating, you can't spend more money to get the best decoration effect. Be sure to spend the money on the right place





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