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Wangyuelin, chairman of Chengdu Sibao technology, talks about the development opportunities in the 13th five year plan recently, wangyuelin, chairman of Chengdu Sibao technology, said in an interview that after China's economy enters the new normal, its economic development will rely more on high-tech and high-performance materials, and pay more attention to safety and environmental protection. Silicone materials have unique and excellent properties that many other materials do not have. Technology upgrading and product upgrading will bring more opportunities for the application of silicone materials. He pointed out that the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as LED, photovoltaic and electric vehicles, high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, high-speed railway and rail transit, intelligent equipment, new generation information technology, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage power construction and other emerging industries has provided new market opportunities for silicone

the challenges faced by China's silicone industry in the future mainly include: due to the dual impact of overcapacity and the slowdown of market growth, the imbalance between supply and demand, intensified competition, depressed prices, and poor corporate profitability; Lack of high-level R & D personnel, low investment in science and technology, insufficient innovation ability, and inferior in new technology, new product development and market leading; Increasingly stringent environmental regulations and rising production and operation costs put forward higher requirements for enterprise operation; Multinational corporations have basically completed their strategic layout in China, with complete supporting industrial chains for scientific research and development, production and sales. The degree of localization has been greatly improved, and their competitiveness has become stronger and stronger, which has posed a strong impact on Chinese local enterprises

looking forward to the "13th five year plan", the industry should rely on scientific and technological innovation to drive, attach great importance to energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection, and promote the development of China's silicone materials in the direction of high performance, multifunction, compounding, refinement, environmental friendliness, low cost and high added value

development trend

the production of organosilicon monomer has entered the era of low profit. It must rely on large production scale, high comprehensive utilization level and strong scientific research and development ability to survive and develop in the fierce market competition. In the future, the production of 110 silicone rubber, 107 silicone rubber, dimethyl silicone oil, silicone base polymer, conventional mixed silicone rubber and other general-purpose and bulk primary products will be further concentrated in monomer enterprises

take the backbone enterprises as the core, establish organic silicon industrial park, and gather relevant enterprises and research institutions from the organic silicon industrial chain such as monomers, intermediates, additives, end products and comprehensive utilization. Through the development of industrial clusters, the upstream, middle and downstream industries are organically combined to optimize the economic, safety and environmental benefits of enterprises and improve the sustainable development ability of enterprises

the application of organosilicon materials in traditional fields such as construction, textile and household appliances has been fully explored. In the future, the application of organosilicon materials in electronic information, power and electricity, new energy, nuclear power, high-speed rail and rail transit, ships and marine engineering equipment, safety and environmental protection, medical and health care, household products and alternative petroleum based synthetic materials should be developed. With the export of China's high-speed rail, nuclear power and UHV power transmission and transformation technologies, organic silicon, as an important supporting material, should also take the initiative to realize large-scale export in high-end fields

change the development mode of tracking and imitation and low-cost competition, pay attention to talent training, increase scientific research investment, improve innovation ability, highlight personalized development, characteristic development and differentiated development, promote the upgrading of China's silicone industry, and accelerate the transformation from scale speed development to quality benefit development

main growth points

the construction, textile and household appliances industries are the traditional application fields of silicone, accounting for about half of the total consumption of siloxane. Although these industries have passed the high-speed development period, they will still be the main application fields of silicone materials for a long time in the future, and will still maintain a certain growth rate

organosilicon materials are more and more used in the electronic and electrical industry because of their excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and electrical properties. For example, electronic components are encapsulated and bonded by polymers composed of long-chain molecules. Insulators in the power system. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets for extruders, lightning arresters, wires, cables and accessories, high-temperature insulation and heat-conducting materials, etc. In the future, with the miniaturization and integration of electronic components and the construction of high-voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation lines, the demand for high-performance silicone materials in this field will increase significantly. China's high-speed railway, rail transit, aviation, shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment, etc. have entered a period of rapid development, which will drive the development and application of high-performance silicone materials

organosilicon has been applied in dozens of parts of automobiles. Each automobile uses about 2 ~ 3kg of organosilicon. In particular, the battery components of new energy vehicles will be encapsulated with a large amount of liquid silicone rubber. Some models use more than 20kg per vehicle. In addition to the automobile maintenance market, it is estimated that the silicone materials used in China's automobile industry will be about 60000 tons in 2015 and more than 100000 tons per year in 2020, which is an important growth point of the silicone market

organosilicon has been widely used in the medical, health and daily chemical industries because of its excellent physical, chemical and physiological properties. It is increasingly replacing other materials as the first choice in the cooperation between yixinda group and a number of PEEK product manufacturers to verify medical devices; Many sanitary products, family planning products, simulation products, silicone materials have become the best choice; Silicone for personal trinkets, household products, kitchen products, baby and children's products has become a fashion; Silicone is indispensable in beauty, makeup and personal care products. It is estimated that the application of organosilicon in these fields will increase at a rapid rate in the future, which will drive the development of medical and sanitary organosilicon products

led has become the most attractive and promising new generation light source because of its high brightness, low power consumption, long service life and wide application. Organic silicon materials are widely used in LED lighting. In addition to the key LED packaging adhesive, they are also widely used in the bonding and potting of driving power supply, display screen and lamps. In recent years, China's LED packaging adhesive technology has made great progress. Not only does the low refractive index adhesive rapidly replace the import, but the high refractive index adhesive also occupies a large market share. As a large number of domestic adhesives have replaced imports, the price has also dropped significantly, promoting the popularity of LED lighting. It is estimated that by 2020, China's LED lighting market will exceed 400billion yuan, while the global market will reach 75billion dollars, accounting for 5% of the global lighting market share, reducing the activity desk to its original position of 0%. At that time, the consumption of silicone materials in the LED industry in China will exceed 100000 tons/year, the sales volume will be about 10billion yuan, and the domestic rubber will dominate

according to the national energy development strategic action plan (year), the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China will reach 100 GW in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of about 23. 6%, with a very broad development prospect. In 2015, the total output of PV modules in China was about 43gw, with a year-on-year increase of about 20%. It is expected that the total output of PV modules in China will exceed 80 GW in 2020, which can directly drive the consumption of organic silicon by about 80000 tons/year

3d printing technology is a new technology based on digital model files to construct objects by adding materials layer by layer. Countries around the world are continuously strengthening the research, development and application of 3D printing technology. The core of 3D printing technology is materials. Light cured and heat cured silicone rubber and silicone resin, addition silicone rubber and thermoplastic silicone elastomer are expected to be applied in 3D printing

smart wearable devices such as watches, wristbands, glasses and helmets, which are supported by relevant parts of the human body, have become the next hot spot in the intelligent terminal industry in the past two years. Almost all wearable devices are in direct contact with human skin. Silicone rubber or modified silicone rubber has moderate hardness and good compatibility with human body. It is most suitable for skin contact products

the basic raw materials for the production of organosilicon are silicon dioxide, industrial salt and coal, which are very rich in sources. With the increasing depletion of oil resources and the increasing tension of global energy, organosilicon and its modified materials have obvious advantages as substitutes for petroleum based products, with huge development space, and are expected to become the largest growth point of organosilicon materials in the future. It is estimated that the apparent consumption of synthetic rubber in China will reach more than 7.7 million tons in 2020. If silicon rubber can be used to replace 10%, a huge market with an annual consumption of about 770000 tons and more than 20billion yuan will be added

over the past 60 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, various kinds of silicone materials independently developed by China have become indispensable and irreplaceable important supporting materials for China's national defense and military industry and national major projects, and have made major contributions to the two bombs and one satellite, manned spaceflight and almost all modern military industries. Although the amount of organosilicon materials used in national defense and military industry is small, it has many kinds and high technical requirements, and its importance is very prominent. Therefore, to continue to develop high-performance silicone materials for national defense and military industrial departments and major national projects is not only the need of the market, but also the duty and obligation of China's silicone industry, which is also of great significance to promote the technological progress of the industry

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