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President Yu Yongzhan meets with President Berkeley of the global envelope Alliance on the morning of January 11, 2008, President Yong Zhan of the China Printing Technology Association met with President Berkeley of the global envelope alliance and his delegation in Beijing. Both the host and the guest happily recalled the meeting when they attended the general meeting of the global envelope alliance in Berlin in June 2007. Mr. Berkeley first introduced the recent general situation of direct mail manufacturers in the United States, and put forward his opinions and views on the development experience of direct mail in the United States and how to increase the value of letters in the advertising industry, such as "telling stories", citing non-source statistical data and "scientific research". Director Yu Yongzhan's first domestic large aircraft C919 took off successfully at runway 4 of Shanghai Pudong airport! The Secretary General briefly introduced the development of China's envelope manufacturing industry, saying that the Chinese government and enterprises are increasingly paying attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. The two sides exchanged views on the future development of the global direct mail market. Mr. Berkeley also introduced the situation of the global envelope alliance and expressed the hope that Chinese counterparts would join the global envelope alliance. President Yu Yongzhan expressed support for this. At the end of the meeting, the two sides sent souvenirs to each other and took group photos as souvenirs. They agreed to continue to maintain contact and communication

the global envelope alliance is the only international organization in the world committed to increasing the use and value of letters. Its main task is to improve the interests of the envelope manufacturing industry and cooperate closely with the global postal system, legislative bodies, standards organizations and any other institutions in the world that are conducive to this industry; On a global basis, provide a forum for members to discuss some common problems and find out the best action plan to solve them; Provide members with relevant accurate information and statistical data generated by the impact of technology and some directions on the global envelope industry and postal system

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