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Merrill Lynch financial customer service answered while looking at the mirror: to make customers as happy as us

at the Merrill Lynch risk management center in Wuhan Shanhe enterprise building, there are more than 200 beautiful customer service mm sitting, and each person will send a mirror that says you are smiling very beautiful when they enter the job. Every time the customer service manager takes over, he looks in the mirror and works at the same time. He always keeps a patient and sweet voice to receive customers. This move has once again set a service benchmark for the industry. The relevant person said that in the industry competition where the tensile strength of one specimen is lower than the specified value since may28,2017, only small details can better serve and retain users

figure: the satisfaction rate is 99%, serving customers with a smile all the time. It seems like a simple job, but in fact it is a skill that needs attention. We are capable of promoting the all-round development of the industry, and it is also a manual job. The Meili financial customer service center has 218 customers, most of whom are post-90s. They need to serve 20000 users every day, with an average of 150 connections per person per day, and the cumulative call duration is 6 hours. Eating for no more than 10 minutes and jogging all the way to the bathroom have become the norm, and a small mirror on the table has become a place for them to obtain work motivation

a girl with a customer service center said: Although the person at the other end can't see it, if you laugh or not, the other side can recognize it. Moreover, smiling in front of the mirror can also keep you kind at any time. ③ generally speaking, adopt high-quality medium carbon steel, alloy structural steel and energy, so as to better serve customers. When they don't answer, the girls will also look in the mirror, tidy up their hair and clothes, maintain good posture and appearance, smile at the corners of their mouths, and receive the next customer with a sweet voice and a better state

in addition to providing smiling services for customers, the Meili financial customer service center is also the business backstage of the platform, shouldering many functions such as loan approval assistance, customer service consulting, etc. It is not only the most convenient way for customers to understand the details of consumer loan services, but also an effective supplement and support for business

for example, currently, the customers of Meili finance mainly come from the blue collar group. Most of them are small white-collar financial users and have little knowledge of financial services. In addition to face-to-face direct communication, compared with searching for relevant information through the Internet, these customers prefer to consult professional customer service personnel directly. Therefore, Meili financial customer service center has become an important bridge between consumers and consumer finance companies. While providing customers with routine business consultation, the customer service of Meili finance also needs to confirm whether they understand the terms of the loan product applied for, understand the characteristics of the product, and check the authenticity of the information to avoid fraud due to the lack of some sales behavior

some insiders said that the complementary role of the Meili financial customer service center is not only to protect customers' right to know, so that financial consumers can better understand the products they choose, but also to educate customers on financial knowledge. In this process, Meili finance can further mine the basic data, find new growth points of service products, and further improve the risk control ability of the platform

nowadays, the competition in the consumer financial market is becoming more and more fierce. While making efforts in business, Meili finance is also using better services to realize the beautiful vision of helping every young person around us to live their dream life earlier. Therefore, in less than two years, its useful staging has established close cooperation with more than 50000 cooperative stores in more than 170 cities across the country. By the end of June this year, the cumulative trading scale had exceeded 6.4 billion. At the same time, the financial business scope of Merrill Lynch has also covered 30 provinces and 270 cities across the country, with a cumulative loan amount of more than 10billion yuan

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