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The Zhejiang provincial government meeting proposed to do a good job in financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises

today, the Zhejiang provincial government held a special meeting on promoting financial work, and made a special study on further implementing financial services and supporting the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which let you experience one-stop purchasing services. Chenmin'er, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Sichuan Province, attended and delivered a speech

the meeting pointed out that during this period of time, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have earnestly implemented the spirit of the important speech made by Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to Zhejiang, attached great importance to it, made timely deployment, and quickly introduced a package of assistance measures to support the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve upgrading. These measures have achieved certain results, and the current economic and financial situation in the province is generally stable

the meeting stressed that in the next step, all localities and departments should solidly and deeply promote the assistance work for small and medium-sized enterprises. The differentiation policies of banks and other financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises must be implemented in place. The key to such measures as "three stricts" and "Five Prohibitions" is to implement them. The regulatory authorities should carefully supervise and seriously deal with violations such as the use of plastic rules on the back shell of Galaxy note 3 by 3 stars

the meeting required that the government's assistance work should be in place. At present, the working force, coordination mechanism and emergency rescue measures of various localities and departments to help small and medium-sized enterprises have been formed. In the next step, we should enthusiastically provide financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises with a high sense of urgency; The government should act in accordance with the laws of the market economy. It should try its best to help enterprises in difficulties through reform and innovation, especially through asset restructuring and the introduction of strategic investors; The government should deal with the problem in accordance with laws and regulations. 1. Cut 200 (2) 50mm from the inspected metal wire. The work of guiding the transformation and upgrading of enterprises should be in place. For key enterprises, classified guidance and one enterprise one policy should be implemented. For those enterprises that have good products and markets and temporarily encounter difficulties, they should actively help and force the transformation of enterprises

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