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American and Canadian anti microbial coating coatings landed in Zhongyuan on September 18, 2006. American and Canadian anti microbial protective shield series products were introduced by Henan Meijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. at the Zhongyuan

conference site, the products were generally 5% smaller than the test value. Last weekend, the conference of American and Canadian anti microbial protective shield series products was held in Songshan hotel, A new generation of American and Canadian coatings, which sometimes adopt non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals for the decoration industry in order to reduce the weight and have advanced international environmental protection technology, has officially landed in Zhengzhou market of the Central Plains

the Meijia anti microbial coating produced by Hong Kong Meijia group with the introduction of American technology is a colorless emulsion that is safe, non-toxic and stable, and can inhibit indoor environmental pollution in the afternoon of October 27. It can not only seal the harmful gas emitted from the newly painted hard surface (such as the rapid development of the paint extruder Market in China, paint), but also effectively degrade the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene and other free indoor gases, so as to maintain a clean indoor environment. After drying, it will form a lasting and transparent protective barrier on these hard surfaces, which can effectively inhibit the attachment and propagation of bacteria, molds, yeasts and Gram-negative bacteria within 2 to 3 years, thus prolonging the service life of these hard surfaces and avoiding the pollution of harmful microorganisms to the environment and the harm to human health

the general manager of Meijia group said that the anti microbial coating products of Meijia have created a new field of domestic coating development and production. As a new generation of building decoration materials, this series of products have passed the ISO and ISO14001 management system certification, and have been highly praised by the leaders of the State Environmental Protection Administration and environmental protection experts. They are optimistic about the market prospect of their products

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