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Promoting mechanized conservation tillage technology and accelerating the pace of agricultural modernization have played a positive role in promoting rural economic development, increasing farmers' income and increasing agricultural efficiency. It is not only necessary to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process

first, the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery has been striven for in the past five years, so the fund 1 keeps pace with the higher international level RMB 0.8 billion. With the "one-stop" office service, more than 4500 farmers have benefited. The total power of agricultural machinery in the city has grown to 526000 kW. The ownership of advanced agricultural machinery such as tractors, rice, corn production machinery and harvesting and processing machinery has been rising. The comprehensive mechanization of farming and harvesting in the city has reached 78.5%

the second is to vigorously introduce and promote new technologies such as mechanized rice production and mechanized conservation tillage of corn. Through the guidance of the establishment of demonstration areas, the whole process mechanization of 300000 mu of rice and 100000 mu of corn production in the city has been realized

thirdly, the number of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the city has exceeded 360, and 10 new agricultural management organizations have been supported to implement the "Jilin Province full process mechanized agricultural machinery equipment construction project", and the full process mechanized equipment for rice and corn production has been upgraded. Thirdly, we should pay attention to the relationship between the government and the market, and 10 standardized agricultural machinery sheds with an area of more than 1000 square meters to effectively solve the "housing difficulty" of agricultural machinery

fourth, the situation of safe production of agricultural machinery continued to be stable. In 2015, during the establishment of "safe agricultural machinery", Meihekou city won the title of "safe agricultural machinery demonstration city" at the national level. By the end of August this year, there had been no agricultural machinery accidents outside the city's roads

Meihekou city will thoroughly implement the promotion of the whole process mechanization of grain production. According to the layout of "one Township, one demonstration area", it will guide each township to improve the establishment of the whole process mechanization demonstration area, comprehensively carry out the experimental demonstration of new agricultural machinery technology, explore and summarize the technical path, technical mode, supporting machines and tools, operation specifications and promotion methods of the whole process mechanization, and accelerate the transformation of agricultural production mode, We will vigorously cultivate new agricultural business entities that are fully mechanized, fully and efficiently implement the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment in the city, deepen the reform of the agricultural supply side, and promote the healthy development of farmers' income, agricultural efficiency, and agricultural mechanization

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