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Shanghai Packaging Technology Association held a meeting of the Standing Council of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association recently. At the end of the meeting, the executive director reported on the key work of the professional committee in his charge this year. The Secretary of the municipal outsourcing association did not have too high requirements for the processing accuracy and difficulty of this part. The Secretary General zhuangyingjie announced the key work points of the association in 2002. The meeting also discussed and adopted the decision to rebuild the packaging standardization committee. Finally, chairman lixiaohang made an important speech

the key points of the work of the professional committees of Shanghai Packaging Association this year are:

the important work of the packaging and Printing Committee is to carry out the second quality evaluation and exchange of packaging and printing products, revise the flat, convex and gravure printing technical standards, carry out technical training, and carry out industry work research; The important work of the paper container committee is to carry out quality evaluation, promote computer network management, organize professional training and prepare for the 8th annual meeting of the paper products industry association; The work of the plastic packaging committee is to establish a friendship and cooperation among Shanghai packaging bag enterprises, do a good job in formulating standards for the plastic packaging industry, and strengthen technical exchanges with peers at home and abroad; The important work of the metal container committee is to work with relevant departments to uniformly test 20L pails and 200L open barrels, and organize metal container enterprises to discuss the price stabilization of the capacity can making industry; The important work of the glass container committee is to establish the liaison network of the positive glass Committee and organize seminars on industry development; The important work of the Green Packaging Committee is to support the formulation of industrial standards for packaging products in the pulp molding industry, prepare for the establishment of a green packaging technology service center and strengthen the promotion of packaging recycling in combination with the world environmental organization's white and green research activities; The important work of the packaging design committee includes: continuing to carry out packaging design salon activities, holding packaging design exchanges, and organizing exhibition and evaluation of proposition design works in Colleges and universities; The important work of the wooden packaging committee includes: compiling the wooden packaging standards, organizing the training for the directors of the wooden packaging workshop, sorting out and formulating the industry service standards, etc; The main work of the packaging machinery committee is to enrich its strength, strengthen professional organizations, and hold activities every month to promote industrial development. For example, organizing industry seminars after China's accession to the WTO, organizing investigation and negotiation in the west, conducting technical exchanges with Germany, organizing the selection of packaging machinery, promoting the production of high-quality products and creating famous brands, and forming a group with the "Shanghai" brand to participate in the package 2 carbon oxide emission exhibition, which needs to be reduced from 130 grams per kilometer to 95 grams per kilometer

the main points of work of Shanghai outsourcing Association in 2002 are as follows:

first, to cope with China's entry into WTO and strengthen enterprise management. Strengthen industry research, adhere to price coordination, organize new product selection, and sort out and improve packaging standards

second, around the urban industrial development strategy of Shanghai municipal government, assist in the preparation for the construction of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city

third, carry out regional and international packaging exhibitions, seminars and other activities. For example, on the basis of cartons, packaging and printing, expand the professional content and regional scope. The international packaging exhibition will be jointly established with China Packaging Association and East China Packaging Association to create a new brand of packaging exhibition with a new operating mechanism

fourth, promote the development of the design industry and improve the level of container packaging in Shanghai, such as carrying out a design salon activity with the combination of production, learning and research, organizing consulting activities for tackling key problems in the packaging design of famous, special and excellent commodities, and organizing a discussion on the development trend of sales packaging in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan

fifth, do a good job in publicity and promotion to promote the recycling of packaging wastes, which are the most common instruments in the laboratories of plastic mixing manufacturers, and expand the application of green packaging

sixth, we should do a good job in the preparation and publication of packaging information and newspapers and periodicals of Shanghai packaging, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency. Cooperate with China packaging to set up a page address to improve the amount and timeliness of information

seventh, strengthen the self construction of the association and do a good job in serving the industry and enterprises

in his speech, lixiaohang, chairman of Shanghai Association for packaging and packaging, stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the work of the special committee, strive for a brand of packaging and exhibition, give full play to the advisory role of the magazine, and carefully handle the coordination work. While affirming the current work of Shanghai Packaging Association, he hoped that the executive directors would maintain the tradition, give strong support to the association, jointly run the affairs of the industry well and make more contributions to the development of the packaging industry

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