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Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer besty Nanjiang Yilian store opened in good luck

on July 10, colorful flags were displayed inside and outside the Yilian building materials City in Nanjiang County, Bazhong, and Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer besty franchise store was grandly opened amid cheers. Inside and outside the store, there were lanterns and decorations, and guests from all directions came, making it very lively

fashion and atmosphere international style

entering Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer baisti Nanjiang Yilian store, an international fashion city style shines, simple lines are subtle and atmosphere, and pure colors reveal luxury in a low-key way. From the balcony, kitchen, bathroom, windows to the sunshine room in the home, everything is available, and the curved windows reflect the exquisite German craftsmanship

a collection of high-quality products with originality

Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer baisti door and window inherits the spirit of German craftsman, strives for perfection, endows fashionable and atmospheric temperament in appearance design, absorbs the essence of European door and window technology in performance, and creates door and window products with ultra-high sound insulation and heat insulation effect, so that doors and windows not only have beauty, but also give people a quiet, comfortable, environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment

▲ this is a field test of the sound insulation effect of besty windows at the owner's home. It is very quiet after closing

the flow of people is surging and bustling

in recent years, the economy of Nanjiang county has developed rapidly, people's living standards are improving day by day, and their awareness and requirements for the home living environment, especially for the performance of doors and windows, are getting higher and higher. However, there are very few local doors and windows brands with high performance and good quality, which are difficult to meet the needs of local people. Baisti doors and windows, known as the model of German doors and windows, has entered Nanjiang strongly, opening a new situation for the door and window industry in Nanjiang, and will also bring a new scene to the home life of the majority of people in Nanjiang

as early as during the decoration period, people in Nanjiang had been eagerly looking forward to the opening day of the franchise store. Early in the morning of the opening day, people couldn't wait to visit and place orders. During the opening period, it is not for making money but for popularity. The huge discounts and generous gift packages reflect the care of Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer besty for the citizens of Nanjiang

I speak for baisti, a Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer, which is the sincere recognition of Nanjiang people to baisti and the driving force for baisti, a Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer, to move forward

besty adheres to the concept of "integrity-based, customer first", provides high-quality products and first-class services for Nanjiang residents, and contributes outstanding strength to the development of Nanjiang household building materials industry

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