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The annual anniversary celebration of Weiye is so close. The annual event has already entered the state of "war preparation" and is waiting for you to "dress up" to appear. The whole army of Guangdong Weiye group is waiting to let us boil up and welcome Weiye partners

25 years, what can be achieved

25 years can enable Darwin to complete a "origin of species"

25 years can enable a country to know from food and clothing to honor and disgrace

25 years can enable a company to carve jade products

25 years can achieve "great achievements"

focus on aluminum industry, extreme ingenuity

go through trials and tribulations and shine in the future

the annual anniversary celebration of Weiye is so close.

the annual event has already entered the state of "war preparation"

is waiting for you to "dress up"

the whole army of Guangdong Weiye group is waiting for

let's get excited, and welcome Weiye partners to come

countdown 7days

what is Weiye waiting for you

then look down

extinction electrophoresis | create a delicate and low-key beauty of high-end aluminum profiles

- hardness up to 4-5h, wear resistance, longer service life

-1000h alkali resistance test, super weather resistance, can adapt to extreme harsh weather environment

- low light treatment, fine surface, soft and comfortable visual effect, and no light pollution

- self cleaning function, dust and stains on the surface can be removed by gently wiping without leaving traces

wood grain | move nature into the house

- experienced the changes of years, copied the epitome of time, restored the real texture of wood grain,

- realistic effect, with high weather resistance, chemical resistance, acid corrosion resistance and wear resistance

- at the same time, it has excellent performance to prevent deformation, mildew and peeling, and has a longer service life

antibacterial spraying | health comes from pure life

- its surface treatment profile can be used for medical devices, electronics, kitchen and bathroom appliances, children's toys

- patented nano antibacterial formula, long-lasting antibacterial Powder formula,

- antibacterial rate grade I, antibacterial effect ≥ 99%, antibacterial durability ≥ 95%

fireproof spraying

fine texture, reducing every hidden danger is safety

25 years, let an enterprise start like a baby, from a humble start to a jade carving. In the past 25 years, Weiye's surface treatment color system has been continuously developed from the initial more than 20 colors to thousands of surface treatment colors now, from the initial single color to the current wide variety and colorful. In the past 25 years, its ingenuity has lived up to its expectations

when "great cause is the best"

encounter the best you

what will be the different fireworks


count down



dear partner, warmly welcome you

Guangdong Weiye group, its brand [Weiye aluminum | Weiye doors and windows] is the top 500 Asian brands, the top 10 most influential brands in Asia, the top 10 enterprises of industrial aluminum extrusion in China, and the preferred supplier of the top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises in 2017. Follow us to get more fresh industry information and more wonderful activities to give back to Weiye fans




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