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There are many decoration companies now, some of which are large, but the price is on the high side. How to choose some decoration companies with quality assurance and relatively reasonable price

1. The first consideration in reducing the decoration cost is the selection of decoration materials. Because the quality of decoration materials is divided into upper, middle and lower grades, but the same material will have different prices due to source problems, so shopping around is always applicable

2. When purchasing materials, try to invite designers or decoration workers to go with them, so that they know where to buy high-quality and low-cost materials, and get twice the result with half the effort; What's more, the price quoted by material suppliers for these long-term customers will be very favorable

3. Adopt the method of "most of them are cheap and some are expensive", most of the materials and practices are cheap, and a few of the finishing touches are high-priced, which will look high-quality

4. Avoid decoration in peak seasons (holidays and the end of the year), when the labor cost usually rises

5. Don't look for a newly opened decoration company, because the economic losses caused by the mistakes of an immature company may eventually be passed on to the head of household

6. Don't look for a large decoration company, because its operation cost is high, and the reverse charge will be correspondingly high

7. Unless the amount of construction you want is very small, you'd better ask a professional designer to plan and design for you, so that you can put your money into practice and achieve the desired results

8. Unless you are a professional, you should not hire workers directly for construction, because it costs less on the surface, but in fact, because of the differences in details and practices, you spend much more than you get





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