Key points for cabinet purchase

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Key points for cabinet purchase

key points for cabinet purchase

? Look at the edge banding: the edge banding is fine, smooth, and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine

? Look and punch: the positioning datum is consistent, the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed, the hole location matching accuracy is high, and the structure is firm

? Look at the cutting board: the dimensional accuracy is high, the tolerance unit is in microns, and there is no stubble on the edge of the board

? Look at the door panel: the door panel is flat and bright, the color is even and bright, waterproof, stain resistant and fade resistant

? See the assembly effect: after assembly, the door panel is horizontal and vertical, the door seam is straight, and the gap between doors is even

? Look at the drawer slide: the drawer is pulled smoothly or there is no looseness on the left and right, and the drawer gap is even

choose the cabinet style according to the size of the space

"one" type: this type is usually used in narrow kitchens. The cabinet design is relatively simple, as long as the storage area preparation area cooking area is designed according to the workflow

"two" shape: it is used in the kitchen with two opposite doors. The refrigerator and sink are placed on the same side in the three working areas, the stove is set on the other side, and the operation desk or storage area is interspersed in the middle

"U" shape: the kitchen area is spacious. Cabinets make full use of space. 180 °, 270 °, 360 ° and pull-out corner cabinets can be configured according to needs. Kitchen appliances can be embedded

island pattern: that is, the more popular open design pattern in recent years. The kitchen does not need to be very spacious. It is an activity space for cooking, dining and receiving guests by connecting it with the living room




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