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In April, in the land of Sanxiang, the spring river is warm, the leaves are green and the flowers are red, and everywhere is full of a vibrant atmosphere. Stepping on this piece of spring, today's Xiaobian will introduce iberi fashion wardrobe, the upstart in Hunan - iberi Jianghua exclusive store

located in Tongtian building materials market of Jianghua County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, the Jianghua exclusive store of Iberia fashion wardrobe is one of the new exclusive stores of Iberia in 2014. Located in Jianghua Yao Autonomous County in the hinterland of Sanxiang, the store is located in a bustling area, equipped with a large fashion exhibition Hall of 260 square meters. It is expected to be grandly opened in late May to welcome guests. It is a promising star for the development of Iberia fashion wardrobe

since ancient times, Jianghua county has outstanding people and spirit. It is the Yao Autonomous County with the largest population and area in China, and is known as "the first Yao City in China". In the long history, Jianghua has produced a large number of talents. The ancestors of the Yao nationality who lived and multiplied here, together with other brother nationalities, developed this magical land, created a brilliant Yao civilization, and accumulated rich historical culture and beautiful mountains and rivers

Jianghua also has beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery. It is a rich and dazzling treasure. The territory is rich in cultural and natural landscapes, including the inscription of Cai Yong in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Qinyan karst cave toured by Xuanye in Kangxi, the mythical and legendary jiulongjing primitive Loropetalum forest, the Gupo mountain dominating the pass of Chu and Guangdong, and the hundred mile Yao Folk Landscape Gallery Tianhe Wujiang

as the leader of the fashion trend of customized furniture in China, the successful settlement of iberi fashion wardrobe in Jianghua will surely inject a new trend into the local customized furniture market and lead the local customized trend to a higher level

as an outstanding representative of Iberian fashion wardrobe's new franchise store in 2014, in order to repay the support and affirmation of customers and friends for Iberian, Iberian Jianghua franchise store will launch various preferential activities during the opening period to give back the love of consumers for Iberian with practical actions. Happy and surprised, welcome new and old customers to visit Iberia Jianghua store




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