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The port city robot project was approved as a national key special project (correspondent Zhang Jian of Zhou Ying) on the 12th, the author learned from the Municipal Bureau of science and technology that the two projects undertaken by Jerry Automation Co., Ltd. and Jerry technology group, "robot automation production line for forging industry" and "research and development of key technologies and application platforms of industrial robot middleware" were approved as the key special projects of "intelligent robot" of the national key research and development plan, The central government allocated 13.7 million yuan and 9.1 million yuan respectively, achieving a breakthrough of Lianyungang in such projects. There are 50 projects in this batch of special projects nationwide, including 7 in Jiangsu Province and 2 in Lianyungang City, showing the new momentum and level of Lianyungang City in high-end technology research and development

it is understood that the key project of "intelligent robot" in the national key R & D plan is an important starting point for the implementation of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan outline (2006-2020) and made in China 2025. During the implementation, the construction of standard system, technical verification platform and system, and typical application demonstration will be coordinated to accelerate the rapid development of intelligent robot technology and industry in China. The two projects approved by Lianyungang this time belong to such projects

as we all know, industrial robots are the core of intelligent manufacturing. In the made in China 2025 and the 13th five year plan, intelligent robot technology is the priority for development in China. The "robot automatic production line for forging industry" approved this time is a breakthrough project in this field. Since then, the project has a total investment of 43.7 million yuan. The project takes the robot automatic forging process and intelligent quality control of complex forgings as the process support, and the complex environment forging and plastic restriction order. It is planned to start the integration of robot and automatic production line system as equipment support in early 2018, The development and demonstration application of robot forging automation production line were carried out. The project aims to form core equipment and technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which will help to improve the automation, digitalization and intelligent manufacturing level of automobile forgings. Enhance the international competitiveness of China's automobile manufacturing industry. The research results of the project can be extended to the automatic forging of forgings in the fields of energy, rail transit, electric power, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields, which can produce huge economic and social benefits

"research and development of key technologies and application platforms for industrial robot middleware" project makes a key technical breakthrough in view of the information island phenomenon of the existing robot control system. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, the project will solve the bottleneck of robot control systems such as real-time lightweight soft bus design by developing key technologies such as distributed data distribution and bus lightweight design. This can not only improve the level of core robot control technology of domestic robot manufacturing and application integration enterprises, replace relevant imported software products, reduce the dependence of core technology on foreign products, but also replace foreign products, which will also save a lot of foreign exchange. The standardized middleware software platform designed and developed by the project, which integrates the mainstream functions of industrial robots, can establish a complete set of standard processes from R & D to products of industrial robot application software. This will help to improve the overall level of design and R & D of China's industrial robot software industry, and also provide a standardized development template and development process for its development, reducing the design cost and risk of industrial robot technology

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