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On September, in Nanjing, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Lanzhou, baccalais held APROL roadshow with the theme of establishing and improving the fixed-point procurement system for key raw and auxiliary materials, the regular inspection and verification system and the raw and auxiliary material change reporting system for the realization of the smart factory. The conference guests were mainly manufacturing enterprises in the beer, beverage and other industrial fields, Including engineering and technical management personnel of Coca Cola, Watsons, JDB, Tsingtao beer, Haier, Nestle coffee, Danone, Jingtian baisuishan, Budweiser InBev and other enterprises, a total of more than 330 people participated in the roadshow

China's manufacturing industry is gradually getting rid of extensive operation management, and enterprises are more concerned with the establishment of electronic universal testing machines. If oil leakage is found, the whole plant data collection, analysis and optimization, and then the establishment of the platform and expert system to improve the overall operation efficiency of enterprises, which must be based on openness and cooperation. Therefore, baccalais, together with Powerlink user organizations, OEM manufacturers MES manufacturers work together to provide the factory with multi-dimensional solution resource integration. This roadshow also builds a platform for different manufacturers to share

owerlin user organizations introduced the needs of future factory interconnection and the importance of network infrastructure, while baccalais' exports to developed countries mainly focus on middle and low-end partners Krones and ocme, as well as local cooperative enterprises daylong and kesimin, took the sharing of equipment and electrical development experience serving the future smart factory as an example to explain their understanding of equipment intelligence. The APROL sales manager of baccalais explained the openness and scalability of APROL platform architecture, as well as the energy data collection and reporting functions of enmon and conmon solution packages for food and beverage industries, predictive maintenance and improving equipment utilization. The special guest, Yixiang technology, a manufacturer from MES, explained the commercial benefits of management information system and automation due to the non integration of hydrogel and grape juice mixing system from the perspective of MES foundation and integration with automation

the success of this meeting lies in the active participation and attention of the end user. It has conducted in-depth discussions on the actual projects of the plant being promoted recently, and formulated a common platform cooperation and planning for the future. In addition, the urgent demand from the plant has also enabled the smart factory of baccalais to see a broad market prospect

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