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The development road of wood plastic composites will be wider and wider.

wood plastic materials have a broad development space in the home decoration industry and can play their due role. At the same time, the application and development of wood plastic materials should pay attention to the improvement and strengthening of several aspects

I. deeply understand and practice the concept of "environmental protection is the lifeline for the sustainable development of wood plastic composites", make up for the lack of industry cognition, and further improve the attention to environmental protection

II. Developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses is the key for wood plastic materials to create truly core competitive products, but this feature makes its production cost high. The key is the site selection for the small-scale test of the transformation project of scientific and technological achievements that has obtained the national invention patent authorization. If the wood plastic material is used in a really suitable place, it will shine like gold

III. do not pursue the technology and process research of materials too much, ignore or weaken the product R & D and application, and do not let homogeneous products flood the market and intensify the chaos of competition

IV. objectively and rationally evaluate the characteristics of wood plastic materials. Some enterprises have spent a lot of energy on superhuman research and improvement, wasting a lot of time and resources, but with poor results

v. "technical expertise" and "technical strength". We should be good at absorbing and integrating mature and advanced processes and technologies in different industries, and take the road of common integration and development. Proceeding from a scientific attitude, "knowing what is impossible and doing it" is not a way of development that respects objective laws

VI. the industry will become more and more powerful. Self-discipline and strengthened supervision are the fundamental guarantee for the development of the industry. In the name of "wood plastic" green environmental protection, it is distressing to follow the path of counterfeiting, shoddy and low quality. We must work hard to stop it

in this era of new materials emerging in endlessly, wood plastic materials have been developing rapidly at home and abroad in recent years with the concept of "environmental protection and energy conservation" and its special many advantages. Its application fields have been expanding and its product potential has been tapped. It can be said that wood plastic materials are very lively. It is believed that under the favorable environment of vigorously advocating ecological civilization, wood plastic composites, a "jade" can not only shine in China, but also reflect the world

note: this reprint indicates the place where the saline waste water produced by the polycarbonate plant is converted into reused brine. It is reprinted for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents

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