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The localization of vertical mill reducer and the role of "Chinese blood" should not be underestimated

the localization of vertical mill reducer and the role of "Chinese blood" should not be underestimated

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the vertical mill of the cement industry first appeared in Europe and the United States in the 1940s. However, due to the complex structure of the vertical mill, it was impossible to have a large capacity at that time, so it was first used in the coal mill of the cement plant. Until the 1990s, the cement industry in Europe and the United States began to test the use of vertical mills to grind cement on the basis of the successful production and application of vertical mills for raw materials

by 2000, the cement vertical mill has overcome various difficulties, showing its advantages of high efficiency, economy, energy saving, low noise and less land occupation, and is welcomed by the majority of users. The selection rate of neutral mills in the cement grinding system of new cement projects in the world (except that the integration of Chinese automobile enterprises and material enterprises is not enough in mainland China) has increased from 15% in 2000 to 45% in 2005

cement, as an important building material, is widely used in civil construction, water conservancy, national defense and other projects together with steel bars, bricks, tiles, sand and other materials. The vertical mill is the core equipment of cement production, and its core equipment is the vertical mill reducer. Due to the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, strong drying capacity, simple system, large grinding particle size, easy adjustment of product fineness, uniform particle size, easy control of chemical composition, low noise, less air leakage, high operation rate, small floor area and low investment, the vertical mill has been paid more and more attention by the cement industry in the world

the large vertical mill reducer is the key equipment of the cement production line with a daily output of 5000 tons. In the past, it was mainly imported for quite a long time. The main imported companies include Germany Flender, Switzerland Maag, Denmark Smith, Japan SEISA and so on. After 2005, the domestic Chongqing gearbox Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Gaojing transmission equipment manufacturing group Co., Ltd. also began to develop it. In August of the same year, Chongqing gear box Co., Ltd. has developed the first JLP400 series 4200kW vertical mill reducer in China, breaking the current situation that the high-power vertical mill reducer above 2500 kW has been monopolized by foreign companies in the same industry in China

the main reducer of the vertical mill is the driving device that drives the grinding disc of the vertical mill and is located at the lower part of the vertical mill. It is the heart part of the mill drive. The grinding disc is driven by the abrasive to realize the continuous rolling process. The pressure on the grinding roller during rolling is transmitted to the base foundation after passing through the reducer

the working conditions of the main reducer of the vertical mill are as follows:

(1) low speed: take the Flanders kmp710 as an example, the input speed is 995rpm, the transmission ratio is 25.24, and the output speed is 39.4rpm. The low speed is not conducive to the establishment of oil film

(2) heavy load: the PMI index of heavy gear jlp40010 in the domestic industry was 46%, the dead weight was 105 tons, and the input power was 4200kW. Nangao gear mlx450 has a dead weight of 135 tons and an input power of 4500kw. Contact stress of tooth surface shall not be less than 1650n/mm ², The gear surface is easy to produce boundary friction because of its heavy self weight and heavy load

(3) impact load: it comes from the transmission of the force when the grinding roller and the grinding disc squeeze and crush the materials with different particle sizes and hardness, which is not conducive to the effective establishment of the oil film. Once the lubrication is poor, it is easy to cause friction and wear

(4) long start-up preparation time: when the temperature is low, the oil needs to be preheated. Due to the large amount of oil in the oil tank (generally about 10 tons), the heating waiting time is long

according to the above working conditions, Great Wall lubricating oil has developed AP Series industrial gear oil which is especially suitable for the main reducer working conditions of vertical mill. It has the following four performance characteristics:

(1) it has the unique micro pitting corrosion resistance of high upstream and downstream industry concentration, low level and low cost, effectively reducing the risk of premature damage to the tooth surface

(2) excellent bearing and anti-wear performance, which can reduce the wear of steel steel parts and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

(3) excellent high temperature resistance, effectively inhibiting high temperature oxidation of oil

(4) excellent corrosion resistance, rust prevention and water separation characteristics can protect the equipment from corrosion

Figure 1. Main reducer of vertical mill Figure 2. Great Wall AP Series industrial gear oil

Great Wall ap320 industrial gear oil was applied to a heavy gear jlp400b reducer of a leading enterprise in the domestic cement industry in 2016. It has been used for more than three years. The tracking and analysis data show that the oil can still be used

Table 1 Great Wall ap320 tracking analysis data

it can be seen that AP Series industrial gear oil produced by Great Wall lubricating oil has been widely praised by the cement industry. It is precisely because of these advantages that Great Wall lubricating oil has won the market and laid a foothold for domestic lubricating oil in the cement industry

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